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" A life ain't a life 'till you live it"

-Mac Miller

My name is Briana/Bri i'm a 24 solo traveler from Naples, Florida.

I'm always looking for new places to explore and experiences to make, to me, living means feeling emotions that I wouldn't normally feel in  my comfort zone. 


The first time I traveled outside the country as an adult, was to Cat Island Bahamas on a mission trip in 2014. Since then i've gone back twice, traveled all over Florida, to neighboring states like Georgia, Louisiana and North Carolina.  I worked at Best Buy for 5 years part-time, the company gave me the freedom to travel without worrying about unemployment. 

After graduating from The Florida State University in 2017, I was going through the motions of going  to work then coming home and on the weekends i'd hangout with friends. After a while I needed more to satisfy myself, I was done with retail and going through my routine. I didn't want to go straight into my career just yet, so I began looking at my options. 


I decided to teach English in Thailand, the day I began to pave my own journey was October 1, 2018. I've made wonderful memories and found my inner strength, I've experienced things I never would have, had I stayed in my routine.  Some of my travels are solo and some are with friends I've made along the way. 


Travel Consultation

I understand the struggles and confusion before and during traveling. Ask me questions for a first hand experience

  • Travel and Immigration

  • Visa 

  • Land Crossings

Itinerary Planning 

Overwhelmed on where to start? don't worry, I was there once. Let me plan your vacation!

  • Points of interest

  • Accommodation

  • Flights

  • Tours

Quick Question?

Contact me through social media, email or text. I rely on Wifi calling such as Skype, Facetime, Facebook messenger and Instagram calling

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