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The Sound of Bangkok

Bangkok’s reputation is known around the world and for good reason. The city has so much to offer and it feels like there’s never enough time to do it all. I lived in Nonthaburi outside of the city for 4 months, I experienced a quiet neighborhood and the wild city on the weekends. Between the food, landmarks and low cost of living, it was hard to leave. I would absolutely without a doubt come back again and again. During my time I made it my mission to see the less tourist side and explore the more local scene.

Night life

  • Khao San RD - takes the spot as the wildest place I experienced in Bangkok, the strip of bars, clubs and restaurants becomes a huge dance party as the night goes on. You can also see food vendors lined up ready to serve you and your drunk friends a meal at any time. Is the bar too crowded? No worries, there are liquor stalls along the road with buckets of cheap alcohol at your disposal.

  • Bangkok’s Chinatown- comes to life at night, for major foodies this is the perfect time to eat local dishes and see their buildings literally light up.

  • Thonglor- major tourist spot, the area is upscale with a price tag to match. The variety of restaurants is impressive along with their western inspired clubs

Things to do

  • Iconsiam- a newly built extravagant mall with insane architecture inside. There are 10 floors and each level looks different from the last. It has name brand stores with a golden section specifically for luxury brands.

  • Terminal 21- popular amongst tourists for its unique décor. Imagine stepping off the airport terminal into a different country and experiencing the culture straight away. That’s how you feel at Terminal 21, each floor is themed by different countries, one floor could be Paris, another could be the Caribbean. The stores are mainly small businesses with a grocery store at the bottom.

  • Bangkok Art and Culture Center- FREE ADMISSION you can’t beat that. They have the best exhibitions I’ve seen with some that are interactive. You could spend hours here and see something new each minute.

  • Chatuchak Market- THE largest market in Thailand, you can find anything here. Prices are cheap or you can bargain for an even cheaper price. This market is unlike any I’ve ever seen and so far nothing compares.

  • Lumpini Park- perfect to relax with a nice scenery. You can rent a swan paddle boat and spend the afternoon on the lake or bike around the park.

  • Museum of Contemporary Art- lovely museum filled with sculptures, paintings and a telling history of Thailand. The artwork displayed is absolutely beautiful, highly recommend if you feel the need to relax.


  • Wat Pho- The reclining Buddha is a main attraction; the Buddha is HUGE and is always crowded with tourists taking pictures/video. The beauty of Wat Pho is enough to draw the crowds, I suggest you get there early.

  • Wat Arun- after enjoying Wat Pho take a short walk to the pier and catch the ferry for 2 BHT ($0.06) both ways . You get dropped off directly at the entrance of Wat Arun, 50 BHT ($1.57) gets you admission inside the temple area. Climb the stairs and experience the temple from a higher ground, a great experience and worth the entrance fee.

  • Ayutthaya- Although it is an hour north of Bangkok, Ayutthaya is a must see. There are several temples within walking distance of each other, I recommend bringing an umbrella for shade. The heat is strong and would be a shame if that stopped you. This historical landmark is one you can’t miss when coming to Bangkok.

Wish List

I regretfully never got the chance to go to these places, it only gives me an excuse to go back.

Grand Palace

Erawan Waterfall

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

All of my recommendations with the exception of my wish list, are places I’ve gone to and can vouch for. Bangkok deserves a 2-week minimum stay, even then I doubt you will experience everything that it offers. I’ve never been more inspired and in awe of a place as much as I am here.

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